3. Međunarodni kongres HISPA & ISVH



Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have the immense pleasure that for the third time we welcome You to the joint congress of the Association of Centers for Hypertension, Prevention of Heart Attacks and Strokes - HISPA and the International Association for Vascular Health-ISVH in Belgrade.

Last 5 years Congress has profiled itself as not only a regional but also a window into all European expert and scientific aspects of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular prevention.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic, which towered over the already existing pandemic of cardiovascular diseases like a black cloud, this year as well as last year, prevented the congress from playing its perhaps most important role in addition to the exchange of scientific information. It is a socializing and direct exchange of professional and scientific information that can never be adequately replaced by webinars and online conferences.

Still, this year we have the great honor to host and present significant number of international experts in the field of preservation of vascular health, stroke prevention, stroke and heart failure through the session of HISPA and our "partner" organizations.

HISPA today celebrates more than 6 years of successfull work with the 7 member countries, more than 90 centers, more than 2,500 members and patients with healthy and long life.

We especially thank the sponsors of the Congress for their sincere support in organizing and preparing the Congress.

Thank you for your participation HISPA successfully build a joint program of cardiovascular risk reduction and prevention of heart attack and stroke

Welcome to Serbia to the HISPA family!
Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Nebojša Tasić

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
President of HISPA
President of ISVH